Parenting Room

Located on the top level opposite Jetts Fitness. To access please use the lift near Whitcoulls, or the ramp and stairway leading from the Centre Court. The Parenting Room is equipped with a nursing chair, change table, microwave, sink and – for your convenience – a toilet.


Ladies’ Toilets and Disabled Toilet are located on the ground floor near Whitcoulls, while Men’s Toilets are located on the top level opposite Jetts Fitness.

Wheelchair Service

A wheelchair is available at no charge, and can be organised at the Mall Management Office on the ground floor (located next to Lampire Asian Groceries). An ID may be requested.

ATM Money Machines

ANZ - Outside of the ANZ Bank branch
Kiwibank - Inside the Mall opposite the Food Court
BNZ - Inside Pak N Save.


For your convenience, taxis are available on-call at the entrance that is shared by the Mall and Pak N Save.